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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This was a tough afternoon.  He called me repeatedly while I was at the Y working out, which he knew I was doing, and when I was finally able to answer his call, by the time I got the headset untangled so that he could hear me, he had become frustrated and went off on me.  I told him that I would not talk with him again until tomorrow and that I would set up his grocery shopping funds with Jamal this evening when he was with him, which I did.  He is not a happy camper.  Lucky for him that it's only until tomorrow.
   Our plans for the Gathering have changed.  He is going to go with us, it appears.  His plan is for Jamal to bring him to Lexington on Saturday but my suspicion is that Jamal has not agreed to do this and he will end up going with us on Friday.  He wiggled his way into this through his dad.  I would not have allowed him to do that.  If he by chance reads this, he will not like it.
  How I wish that he could have someone to help him to progress with his photography and start building a life of his own that does not depend on us so heavily.   Everything that we do, he wants to be included and feels entitled to do so.  For instance, if we go out to dinner tonight he will feel slighted when he finds out that we did so without him.  Then he feels that we owe him something in compensation for not including him.  Most of the time a gentle reminder that we do lots of things for him will suffice, but the next time it happens, he has to be reminded again, and again...  It doesn't stay with him.  I suppose the feelings associated with it are so strong that he forgets the reality.
   That is the tell tale thing about Asperger's Syndrome that almost all Aspies share.  They experience life with intense emotion and it is often socially inappropriate emotion that is very hard for neuro-typical people to take in.  It is seen as deliberate but it actually comes naturally to an Aspie.  Some learn to compensate and find ways to choose another response, but others don't.
   My refusal to talk with him again until tomorow works fairly well, although today, he has continued to call by blocking his number.  I have no way to prevent blocked calls.  I wish I did.  He is anxious about the upcoming trip.     
   I don't mean for this to be a rant blog.  This isn't the whole of my life by any means.  I did not mention that I had a good workout and that my fight with diabetes is improving.  I am learning to better control my diet and medication so that I do not have lows when I work out.
I have reduced my need for the medication by half and my goal is to not need it at all.  The fact that a half dose can make me go low is a good sign.  I am getting closer to that goal. 
   I have many good people on Facebook who support me with their friendship, thoughts, and prayers, so I know that I am blessed.  And I am blessed with an AS son who never  provides a dull moment!  


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