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Monday, March 10, 2014

   Friday night's events passed more smoothly than I had expected, which is one of those surprising aspects of being an aspie parent.  Saturday went fairly well considering we were way behind our original schedule.
  On Sunday, Larry and I took a short road trip to Bardstown to attend the Second Sunday Jam.  I had left my phone at home, so I had no phone calls to manage until we returned home.  Even then, the phone was dead and had to be charged for a while.  It turns out he had CLS staff, Jamel, that afternoon which gave him something to do, although he did send me a copy of a text he sent to Andrew complaining that we were not answering his calls that day.  My phone was at home and Larry would not answer his.
    Monday morning came too early for me.  I was up into the wee hours of the night when I should have gone to bed earlier in order to be functional today.  We had a meeting at 11:30 am with Kristin, his case worker.  I barely arrived on time and I was too tired to bring Tim home with me afterward.  Jamel had a court date today so he had to spend the day by himself, something that is very hard for him to do.
   He began calling me mid afternoon wanting to come to our house to print photos. He is getting more interested in photography now that spring is beginning to appear.  But his actual motive is that he wanted time with us because we are going to the Ohio Valley Gathering next week and he wanted to trade today for Sunday, which we would otherwise spend with him.  His dad picked him up after work and they came in with a movie, "The Lone Ranger", to watch with us tonight.  I guess the trade off has been settled.

     I am over the virus I had last week but I really lacked energy today.  I spent about 40 minutes at the YMCA and did about half of my normal workout.  Our son goes to the Y also.  Jamel can go with him to help him navigate things like showering and privacy in the dressing room.  It has been very good for him and for me, even though I go separately, most of the time.  My trainer, Kaleb, spotted me today and asked where I had been and I explained the situation I had last week which kept me home.  I did feel better after working out but I needed a quick nap.
     Exercise is important for me for my breast cancer survival but it is also important for my caretaker sanity as well.  It helps in dealing with stress as well as burning calories!  I will not stay up late tonight.  That is just a stupid thing to do. 

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