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Monday, April 7, 2014

In 'n out....

   He told me yesterday that there was a team meeting this morning at his place and I arrived to find out that the meeting is next Monday.  I took him to get a snack and tubes for his smokes and took him back home.  I am proud of him today for surrendering on an issue that we have been struggling with for the past week.  He stopped arguing with me about it.
  The phone thing is still up in the air, but hopefully his electric bill will be less and he will have the funds to have his phone fixed, or better yet, just use the cheap Cricket phone he already has and is using.  He is being more reasonable.
   I invited him to our house tonight.  I purchased some hot wings and chips and we watched half of the NCAA final tonight, KY and UCON.  He is a huge Cats fan!  He is going home during half time.  He was tired.  He usually conks out early and gets up early.  It went well.  He really is a good guy when he isn't being arguemenative or irritable.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

NOT a good caretaker day....

   I spent a large portion of time this week taking care of  Tim's constant issues, always one right after another.  I know that Josh tried to keep him from badgering me, but he was alone enough that he kept me spinning. I am exhausted and I need to get away from him for a while.  I would love to have about 2 weeks on a warm beach somewhere, with no cell phone, so he could not call me. 
   Every call he makes is a plea for either money, a ride, or just time with him to do things he wants to do.  It is exhausting because it is never a two way street. He doesn't understand that there is any other part than his and what he wants.  If we give him whatever he wants, then everything is OK, for him, regardless of the cost, or the effect it may have on us. 
   The week began with demands about a his cell phone.  His phone was not doing everything he wanted it to do, even though he could call and text without a hitch.  What he really wants is a phone with internet capability, which we have had to guard very closely in the past due to some inappropriate behavior.    
   I am a pushover.  I admit it.  I can only tolerate so much badgering.  I gave in and loaned him the money to purchase a cheap phone with the promise that I would be repaid by the agency that manages his money.  The phone was cheap but the service is not.  He went with AT&T and the monthly fee is $65/mo.  His fee with Cricket was only $32/mo, a very poor decision on his part.   And my reimbursement was for the Cricket amount, not the new amount.
    He called this morning when we were on our way to the dulcimer class at Gilda's club, wanting us to pick him up, but we did not have time to pick him up.  He angrily ended the call with words that get him blocked from calling me, although he can block his phone # and it comes through as a private number.  A few minutes later, he called again, saying that he had "dropped" his AT&T phone and had accidentally broken it, thus he needed a brand new android phone and I should give him $60 to buy another one.  I stood my ground and refused.  He was really angry at that point.  I told him I was about to enter Gilda's and was going to turn my ringer off while I was there so as not to be interrupted.  I placed his number so that his calls would go straight to voice mail and set the phone on airplane mode so it would not ring at all.
    When we finished at Gilda's, he called Larry to tell us he had ridden the bus into the Highlands and wanted to be picked up and get lunch, which is what we usually do on Saturday.   We came to our house after lunch and Larry went straight upstairs to hide.  Tim went on again about the phone and still is harassing me about it, even as he exits through the is 3:45 pm.  3 hours of endless harassment is too much.  Now I have a newsletter to finish and get sent out.....  Oh, yeah, then there was the bedbug issue and the visit to the housing authority....  won't go into that right now.

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