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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The times they are a changin'...

Always changing... it seems life is always changing....
and change is something Aspies have great difficulty adapting to, or at least ours does.  This story begins late one night in March when around 2 am, I heard the awfullest screeching sound I had ever heard.  I was up and hubby was asleep upstairs but he came running down the stairs.  I asked, "What in the world is that?"  He replied, "I think our van is being repoed."  Unfortunately, he was right.  They drug it away and we lost it forever.
  This is July and I am still angry at him for letting it happen.  It didn't have to happen.  He payed no attention to the warnings and they did what a business has to do to stay in business.   A friend of our AS son bailed him out and sold him an old car for $600.  He drives it to work and I sit at home with no transportation.  Yes, I am still mad.
    He started a new job in mid June.    It is a contract position that goes till Oct. and then he may be without work again.  He has not held a job for more than 2 years since 1994.  Most of them last about 3-5 months.  Contract to hire positions seldom result in hiring.  Why?  I won't go there for now. My suspicions are never par with his.

   Now we have a new housemate. 

 Not the Aspie, as most would expect, but his younger brother who lost his roommates and could not afford to keep the apartment without them.  So he is with us for a while. We hope he will finish college and get on his feet soon.
   Tim is adjusting slowly.  He has an aide who helps him with community outings who seems to tolerate him a little bit.  I subsidize his aide weekly for gas because I know he is not making much at this job, basically hoping he will not quit.  Two others have quit because he is so needy.
   My being without transportation has forced him to be more independent and use the bus system, which is great for him.  He does grocery shopping with his aid who also helps him keep his place clean.
  But good for him is not good for me.  I am stranded with no way to get out.  I have bad knees and I cannot use the bus system or walk very far without pain.  Hubby seems to like it, but I don't.  I'm stuck and he's set.  I am considering an exit strategy.

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