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Friday, February 12, 2010

Barn Quilt Trip to Washington County, KY with my Aspie

   This was a beautiful, sunny day and too good to waste indoors, cold though it be.  Larry was going to take Tim train watching this afternoon.  He has come down with a cold so I offered to take Tim so he could rest and recouperate.  When I told Tim that I would be taking him, he suggested we take a drive through the country and look for barn quilts.  That being one of my favorite things to do,  there was little debate over it.   I quickly searched google for the closest trail I could find, which happened to be in Washington County, KY  (Springfield).  I found a newsletter from the county extension office and called them to see if they had a quilt trail map, which they did.  So off we set for Springfield, to get our map and photograph as many barn quilts as we could find in a couple of hours.
  Well, orienteering is not one of my strong points, so of course, we got lost.  Thank God for cell phones!  I called Larry and told him where we were and he told us how to get back to where we were trying to go!  Actually, Tim has a better sense of direction than I do and he was questioning me the whole way, which really  helps my inept skills.  What can I say, even with a map, I get lost!
   We got back on track and took several photos along the way and the following is a digital photo map of where we were.  All of these photos were taken along 31E and Highway 150, between Bardstown and Springfield, KY.  If you get out that way, stop and see the quilts.  There are many more to see so I plan to return again, next time with Larry to orienteer!
I hope you've had a good laugh at our little adventure, that's what I called it to help keep from getting angry!

This is Tim photographing from an overlook along 31E between Mt. Washington and Bardstown, KY.


The 4H along HWA 150 

Standing Flower Quilt

County Board of Education

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